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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 27, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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a fiery crash on the roosevelt expressway shut down traffic in both directions but quick thinking motorist who saw wreckage, sprang into action and very well may have saved a man's life. we are hearing from that good samaritan in a live report. several families are waking up in hotels after this massive condo fire in delaware county. we will hear from the resident who lost everything in the flames. and, it is another, brutal ly cold start to your day, this ace live look at center city from the art
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museum area. any brave souls wanting to exercise this morning need to bundle up. bundle up again. bundle up another time. it is wednesday, december 27th , good morning i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off, katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> we will in the see relief from this cold anytime soon. >> oh, good news, sun's up, thanks, katie. roadways not too bad aside from that crash. jan will have a report coming up. other than that roadways are clear. >> we won't have any additional wet weather to contend without there. you just to have give yourself time to warm up the car, make sure you bundle up adequately and you are a brave soul going out there to exercise. be smart about that. you know they will be out there i wouldn't be shocked if we hear reports of people running around in shorts. it happens every time. it bless my mind but it happens every time. last cold snappy remember hearing, tim jimenes from kyw news radio was out there on kelly drive and ran into
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people running in shorts. well, he wasn't running, no. >> no, no, he was just doing his job. but people do that. it blows my mind. just be smart. it is not like we have never seen this cold before but it is kind of cold that can be dangerous if you are not smart bit. you have to bundle up, layer up adequately and storm scan very quiet. cloud do thin out. we will have more sun then anything with time here. it looks like a few snow showers isn't necessarily verifying and if it did we will see nothing more than a few snowflakes out there. it is all arctic high pressure keeping things cold and keeping things clear, these are your actual air temperatures, this is bad enough at 23 degrees at the airport. only five at mount pocono. you would expect it to be very cold there but that is brutal air and this is what it feels liken factoring in what is a relatively modest breeze, still feels better then teens in most spots anyway and certainly heck of a lot worse if you are waking up to our show in the mountains. the stretch of the frigid
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weather will not end anytime soon but we have opportunity to see snow by saturday, pat. we will talk about that possibility later in the show. >> forty, 50, 60 inches. >> no no, no not here. >> we will take a look the at boulevard expressway right here and this is where we had that scene overnight around 2:00 a.m. it is gone now. i assure you right here was boulevard expressway where there was an accident and jan carabao will have more in a couple minutes. here's vine street expressway in delays near i-76 this morning at 5:03. it will start ramping up in the next her or so. this is a look at blue route mid county everyone moving smoothly so far on the majors this morning. we will get through cheltenham where there is a disabled vehicle washington lane near rockland, left lane block here but not causing any, slow downs. virginia drive is closed between delaware drive and camp hill road. we have a down pole. it should be fixed sometimes today.
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around 9:00 a.m. roosevelt boulevard north bound, will have construction, right past comly road so it will be during the day, and should not affect too many drivers in this area but make note heading out to the boulevard in the north east this morning , rahel. >> pat, thank you. lets get back to the dramatic rescue on the roosevelt boulevard. good samaritan pulled a driver , second before it burst into flames. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at lankenau medical center where the driver was taken. good morning, jan. how is he doing. >> reporter: rahel, good morning. fortunately that driver is now stable condition. that is the good news this morning. thanks in part as you mentioned to a good samaritan who sprang into action. this was a serious car crash that could have ended so much worse. lets look at the video, "eyewitness news" was there as crews respond todd this fiery crash and worked to put out flames. this accident happened just after 2:00 this morning in the north bound lanes of the roosevelt, and, not clear, and , driver police, and van
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did and, car pulled up in flames and there was a by in the car, he was not responsive at the time, so i tried to wake him up. i seen him, and he was right next to the fire that was going on, so, my first reaction was to get him out of the car. so i literally, yelled at two other guys standing there at the side of the highway and had him quickly come over and we just quickly pulled this gentlemen out of the car and pulled him to the side of the highway and then literally 602nd later the car pretty much blew up. >> reporter: a very dramatic scene, luckily from this
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driver that tow truck driver was doing a call in the area, and was their by. new pat mentioned both, sides of the highway had been shut down for a time and they are reopened and good news is that tow truck driver helped save this man, the driver of the minivan in the hospital behind me this morning in stable condition, we are reporting live, outside of the lankanol hospital jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. >> incredible rescue there, thank you. red cross is heading back to the scene of the massive condo fire in delaware county helping resident displayed from the 18 unit building. flames broke out in the hill top condominium on the 5200 block of hill top drive just before 6:00. fire fighters arrived to find a family of the third floor balcony they brought home down to safety. one resident was in shock. >> it is really not hitting me just yet. it will hit me later on but, you know, my first thoughts were, there goes up everything >> fire officials are now
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trying to figure out what started the flames and no people or pets were hurt. happening toe day a 16 year-old facing a court appearance in the murder of two other teens last october. brandon oliveri shot and killed 16 year-old caleer miller and 16 year-old saul due knew bile during an argument outside dinubile's home at 12th and ritner. oliveri faces murder and other charges. a robbery suspect was shot during a pursuit in west philadelphia police say suspect crashed into another car at forty-ninth and walnut street yet. officer shot mant in the chest after he allegedly tried to pull what appeared to be a weapon from his way way band. the officer was not hurt. >> the officer had to protect himself and other people present. when you are armed with knowledge with it being a gunpoint robbery and person reap fusing command you have a duty to protect yourself ander people present. >> officer involve in the shooting has been placed on administrative duty pending outcome of the investigation. authorities also investigating a deadly shooting of the teen in philadelphia's germantown
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neighborhood. chopper three was over the scene of the crime on green street yesterday, an 18 year-old male was shot once in the stomach and twice in the neck, he was trans port todd temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have not made any arrests. a four month-old baby girl is now at home after she was hospitalized following a racoon attack in north philadelphia we first brought you this story this week. journey was released from the hospital yesterday. racoon attack a baby inside an apartment on north between the second street last week. journey needed 65 stitches and multiple rainy shots. journey's mother says this happened just a few days after they moved into the apartment. >> she was laying on the floor , like, blood all over her face across the floor. she is real strong because all she wanted to do afterward was get to sleep. >> philadelphia licenses and inspections say owner of the home does not have a license to rent the property, investigation is now underway. journey and her family are staying at a local hotel while they look for a more permanent place to stay. president trump and first family are continuing their holiday break today at
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mar-a-lago in florida. president spent yesterday playing golf with republican senator david purdue of georgia and pro golfers. president trump issued a pair of tweet one about newly passed tax bill and another about lawmakers coming together to replace the affordable care act. and later today national park service is scheduled to remove a substantial part of the jackson magnolia at white house. tree stood for two centuries. magnolia has been damage overtime and in longer structurally sound. still ahead, the latest on the record breaking snowfall in erie, pennsylvania. it is so bad that governor tom wolf has call in the national guard. also this. >> if there was a hero that night it was us, it is not me. >> hear more from the heroic police office shore saved a eight year-old boy from drowning in the icy pond. plus we will show you more of the knew additions to the atlantic city boardwalk this new ferris wheel that stand american 200 feet tall, we will have it for
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local weigh through water at side of the bridge collapse in bolivia. water washed the bridge away man in the truck was on the bridge at the time. he was washed down stream but was rescued. machinery was on its way to
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repair the bridge when the collapsed happened. sheriff deputy in washington county, utah is called a hero after his daring rescue of an eight year-old boy. authorities say boy was chasing his dog when he fell through the ice on the pond christmas night. witness said he quickly sprang into action and jumped on the ice and saved the boy but then broke through it. deputy stepped in, washing his way through 25 feet of ice and slush. >> before i got to him he was just like in the movies, his hand just, was last thing that went down. >> i just started using my hand and my fist, just pounding on the ice, to break the ice, to get out to where he was. >> the deputy found the boy about 5 feet under the surface , believed to be in the frigid water for 30 minutes before being rescued. boy was flown to the hospital where his condition is still unknown. closer to home people in northwestern, pennsylvania as we have been saying this morning are still digging their way out after erie was slammed with record breaking snowfall. as we report, officials are
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warning people to stay off the roads as snowplows struggled to keep up. >> reporter: record low temperatures, and record high snowfall. bitter cold from this weeks winter blast is being felt in dozens of states. >> all i can see was a blast, you know, it is a little ridiculous. >> reporter: erie pennsylvania shattered state record with more than 50 inches of snow, and, chicago, illinois, around , and, people get indoors. while some are finding ways to make it fun, first responsers are reminding people of the health risk that comes from bitter cold. >> anytime we have extreme weather, be it cold or hot, it is, has to be a system as a whole. >> reporter: in new york's times square visitors in town to watch new years eve ball drop say predict temperatures in that night in the low teens is not disrupting their plans. >> we're here. you have to do it. >> yes. >> it doesn't math fur we're
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freezing, you have to do it. >> reporter: forecasters predict the cold blast will move east and stick around in the beginning of the 2018. john shoemo for cbs news, insuring. cbs news correspondent demarco morgan is in erie look for his live report on cbs this morning at 7:00 o'clock right here after cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning right here on cbs-3. katie, i hate to be dramatic but it was been chilling. i was walking my dog. i could not believe how cold it was. >> assume they were wearing the cutest little investigator sweater in the planet. >> of course, they were, it is cold. >> it is cold enough you are in the the only one to be bundled up, our pets do too abe they have to get outside to do their business so make sure they have been taken care of. do not leave them outside in this frigid cold. it is interesting we will continue to talk about erie. we have our opportunities for some snow in the forecast here , but erie, since that story ran has actually now since had over 60 inches of
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snow in the last couple days. it is a statewide record for one thing but they are just shut down in that city. sixty plus inches means that some people, would get completely buried by that amount of snowfall, 5 feet plus, so it is just insane but storm scan locally here is quiet and will stay that way. any included will continue to thin and we will see more sunshine with arctic high pressure in place. wider zoom on storm scan we have some snow, ice but also especially some rain breaking out across especiallial bam, mississippi and georgia. if you are traveling by air here today maybe heading down to do a change of planes here in to the hub at heartsfield you may see minor delays getting in there throughout the course of the day. as skies clear out locally it is still very cold, sun angle still too low and we just don't have any help from the sun at this time of the year, at lee not much. it doesn't warm up that much. we don't expect with this cold air in place to hit freezing through next several days. so today is one of the warmest
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days of the pennsylvania but still only at 29. dropping down to 13. absolutely frigid. it does get worse. tomorrow, next few days is the coldest but gets even colder as i stepped to the side here. cold air reenforcement come in from the depths of the arctic and we are going to feel it. come new years eve the best you can hope for is just 26 for a high, so we will be freezing, that night as we are 's ring nothing 2018. look at that pat, freezing, frigid, machine to tuesday, absolutely brutal cold settling in. >> in one loves that, do they. >> no i don't think so. >> i like snow but i don't like bone chilling cold. good morning everyone. we are looking at at the 42 freeway looking toward 295 and the city of philadelphia in delays, so far this morning. we will see fit ramps up. yesterday took a while to get morning rush underway because everyone was off after christmas. i wish i was but i was than the. this is a look at ben franklin bridge in the city of
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philadelphia i love this shot. like a post card, snow coming down, it looks beautiful. why not. also we have this to tell but in cheltenham, washington lane near rock lane, left lane blocked due to a disabled vehicle. also in cheltenham cheltenham avenue at cedar lane is there an accident but no slow downs as of yet. construction as well going on as we get back to new jersey, the white horse pike, route 30 , warwick road and evesham road one lane is blocked here and the roosevelt boulevard, this will be starting later on this morning, boulevard, it is northbound right pennsylvania comly within lane will be blocked between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. heading out on the boulevard in northeast philadelphia later today just make note, of that, rahel. new for a look at newspaper headlines across our region times herald reports a fundraiser planned for a family who two sons in the fire. valley forge casino night to the lukens family on january
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20th. goal to raise $200,000. tickets can be botched at montgomery county heros funds .com. police in berks county learned from a former law enforcement officer tips on staying mentally fit. retired indianapolis police captain brian, reiteratedded importance of dealing with the stresses of the job before they cause problems. and front page of the trenton paper, mile of oyster reeves off the earl naval weapons station. facility suffered 50 million-dollar worth of damage in hurricane sandy. the hepp is that the oyster reeve will buffer storm driven rains. they are the head lines from the delaware valley. atlantic city is giving you a reason to head down the shore. chopper three caught this glimpse of the steel pier new attraction the wheel which officially opened yesterday. 227-foot tall ferris wheel, offers 40 temperature controlled gondolas that hold, six passengers each. ride last 15 minutes and now opened for holiday week until
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december 21st starting at noon but only if temperatures stay above 40. if you listen to katie, you know that is probably unlikely still ahead we have another contentious year in the capitol challenges facing law makers in 218. plus we are hearing from eagles coach doug pederson on whether or not he will rest his players heading in the playoffs, pat's here with sports next.
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do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? maybe not. maybe, you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. (screaming) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ towing pederson trying to calm down fans a bit. >> eagles wrap up sunday at linc against cowboys but in
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the clear how much action the starters will see. bird locked up home field advantage with monday night's 19-10 win over oakland, despite a sub par performance from nick foles. foles threw a touchdown and pick and had 163-yard passing. now, pederson has to decide if foles and other starters need rest, or reps heading in to the playoffs. >> i cannot look at it, players cannot look at it as a preseason game because we don't have a luxury of 90 guys we cannot rest half of the team. so, it is still full steam ahead, we have to get ready for the cowboys. >> last night mack hollins and kenjon barner spread holiday cheer with children and their families at philadelphia ronald mcdonald house. they signed autographs and played games with young eagles fans. keep doing good work in the community. good stuff, guys. we have an keeping an look at the on the. it skyrocketed but fell after
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the injury to carson wentz. but after the win over the raiders, one predicted market gives the bird a 19 percent chance of hoisting lombardi trophy. so you are saying there is a chance n another market which factors in injuries, the bird chances went to 8 percent. as of right now new england patriots hold the best odd in both of those markets with a 28 percent chance of, once again, winning it all, of course, always patriots. speaking of paths they pick up james harrison who was released less than a week ago. harrison is a five time pro bowl linebacker and 2008 defensive player of the year. the 39 year-old was released to make room for lineman marcus gilbert hoist coming back from a suspension for ped 's. now it looks like harrison is fit nothing nicely with his new teammates, check out the selfie he posted on instagram, of him, and tom brady, harrison writes, finally, a teammate that is older than me
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brady is 40 years old, and playing like a young man, harrison will turn 40 on may fourth. >> i i can only hope i can be as active as those two guys. not that 40 is old, but in the nfl 40 is really hold we know that. >> everybody loves an under dog story so enough with the patriots, let us have a turn. >> yes. >> so easy. >> come on. >> just give it to us. >> we deserve it. >> i think we do actually. >> thanks, pat. >> coming up next hour of "eyewitness news" amazon is posting big numbers, how many people signed up for their prime maybe cher. >> you have prime. >> yes yes yes. so we will hear more from good samaritan to jump into action to save driver from the burning minivan on the roosevelt expressway overnight and from fidget spinners to fiona the hippo we will look back at the popular trend and viral videos of the 2017, "eyewitness news" con
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jim's off today, katie and pat will be along in the moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, west, december 27th. good samaritan pulls a driver from the overturn minivan second before bursting
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into flames. >> just quickly pulled the gentlemen out of the car and pulled him to the side of the highway. >> he is now in stable condition. >> i opened the door and asked what is going on and they said fire. >> a devastating fire, in delaware county. >> ground freezing, water is freezing. >> family rescued from a third floor balcony. kay why the i can scene in cherry hill mall. several juveniles are placed in handcuffs on the day after christmas. christmas becomes a snow emergency. >> a lot of snow. >> i saw pile of snow out front. >> police officer helped out. >> i just took the shovel, and do this real quick. i shook my head, smiled, put th


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